Your Day

  At your first day, you meet guides and get a safety course as well instructions on the use and care of the Electronic Avalanche Transceiver (beacon). Everyone will get an opportunity to practice several searches for hidden avalanche transceivers that would imitate a skier or boarder stuck under the snow mass. If you already know how to use your beacon its always nice to refresh your knowledge as well as check how would your beacon interact with others in the group.

  We meet pilots at the helicopter and go through a helicopter safety briefing. By breakfast time pilots receive weather report from regional air traffic control unit and pass it over to guides while they inform everybody of the day's weather forecast, snow conditions and specific departure time if there is a delay.

  We are not generally attached to any rigid schedule, but in order to get best snow conditions and weather which is usualy more stable in the morning hours we reccommend your day to look more or less as scheduled below:

Heli Ski Tours

08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Final preparations
09:45 Groups gather together outside
10:00 Departure to heli ski area
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Continue your heliskiing day
16:00 Return to base
17:00 Sauna + beer
19:00 Dinner + vodka

Please Note: Heli Skiing/Heli Boarding on Fridays generally ends at 15:00. We will do our best to meet guests desires to heliski / heliboard more if possible, and provide more time, but however, most Fridays will be finished by 15:00.

Water supply: 0,5L water bottles are provided freely by breakfast. There is also a water supply of several 5L kegs on board during heli ski tours. However if you have a personal water canteen, we encourage you to bring it with you for your trip. This is how we can protect our enviroment with getting less plastic bottles with us.

Down Days: Bad weather and poor flight conditions may cause a delay or bring changes into our usual shedule. In general we do not have many foul weather days but that is one aspect of your holiday we have absolutely no control over.

* On average we might experience 1 or 2 down day per week.
* Down day activities include snow cat or resort skiing, snowshoeing or any relaxing activity that works best with you.

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