The advantage of Heli-Skiing/Backcountry ski touring in Kyrgyzstan is immeasurable ski/boarding areas above tree line and generally excellent snow conditions.

  The climate in Kyrgyzstan is acutely continental with cold winters and particularly hot summers. It averages 247 sunny days a year. Being a mountainous region Kyrgyzstan has all year round snows in the high lands. The one can expect sub-zero temperatures while in the mountains at any time. In the summer, in the mountains, the mornings are generally fine and the afternoons hazy with occasional rain.

  Once you are out of the mountains the temperature becomes much warmer. In the lowlands, the temperature ranges between -4°/-6°C (21-24°F) in January to 16-24°C (61-75°F) in July. In the highlands, the temperatures range from -14°/-20°C (6.8°/-4°F) in January to 8-12°C (46-54°F) in July. There are snowfalls during winter. The best times to visit (except for heli ski and winter mountaineering) are May to October.

Down Days

We do not have many foul weather days but that is one aspect of your holiday we have absolutely no control over.

* On average we might experience one or two down days per week.

* Down day activities include snow cat or resort skiing, snowshoeing or any relaxing activity that works best with you.

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