Printable Avalanche Card

  These avalanche rescue cards are designed to be used as a quick reference for helping to effect companion rescues. Feel free to print them off and carry them with you should you ever require them. They do not by any means replace the value of taking an avalanche course and practicing what you have learned. They are intended only as cue cards to use after you already know what to do.


- Double click the PDF file and it will open in Adobe Reader.
- Print it from Adobe Reader on letter size paper.
- There are two sides to the card, you can print on separate pages or better still - print the first page then flip it over, put it back in the printer and print on the back side for a single, double sided card.
- Cut using crop marks. Card is 41/2" x 7" . Most business depots can laminate it for you.

To DOWNLOAD PDF: click here


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